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Design: E-learning Platform

Neetricks is an innovative e-learning platform that focuses on teaching Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In my role, I worked on four main areas: visual identity, visual design, graphic communication, and illustration

The logo was inspired by the company's 3-dimensional approach to learning. The overall brand identity was kept minimal and clean to drive key focus on the content.

The language of visual communication was deliberately childlike and playful to foster a relaxed learning environment. This approach made the learning process more enjoyable and easier to understand. Deliberate use of illustrations helped make learning science both fun and accessible. The visual design of the platform was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate.

Neetricks website graphics-01.jpg
Neetricks website graphics-02.jpg
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A series of science-based illustrations were created to make chapters in physics, chemistry, and biology easier to understand and comprehend.

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