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Loose Perspective: A Visual Representation of my Creative Blocks

Loose Perspective is a collaborative photoshoot that playfully tackles the challenge of creative blocks. In this imaginative journey, we follow an artist whose mind is hijacked by a quirky character—the 'crazy lady'—living within her artworks. This narrative sheds light on the discomfort of creative blocks through experimental visual storytelling.


Often when I go through a creative block, I feel like my worst possible version of myself— a version that’s nervous, insecure and brutally critical. This is a phase when my basic instincts seem to have gone on a holiday and my only mission is to scrutinize every visual I ever drew, thought about but didn’t draw, basically, every visual that lives in my head.


The crazy lady that lives in my head,

stuck in the drawings I made.

A million visits to this forever-unfamiliar territory,

where reality feels like a lucid dream.

Constantly reminding myself

this is just a phase and this too shall pass.

Knowing it'll pay a visit again.

Maybe the same, maybe in some other way.

Loose Perspective Process 1.jpg

conceptualisation, preproduction, process

Loose Perspective Process 2.jpg

Photography: Nupur Agarwal

Styling: Sharon Manuel

Makeup: Mohini Dharne

Conceptualisation, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Set Design, In frame, Illustration: Omisha Gandhi

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