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Omisha x Label Graph

A design collaboration channelled from a shared love for art, fashion and a story about sisterhood.

Omisha x Label Graph

Growing up as introverts, we found solitude in creating a world of our own, imagining and doodling weird beings and objects. Our young observational minds consumed a lot of animated shows, music and fictional novels. Creating art was therapeutic but also a way of escaping reality. For this collection, we tapped into our childhood memories and inspirations and let go of all the self-doubt and mental inhibitions. The clothes reflect a piece of our small world, they're meant to allow you to help embrace your uniqueness and find joy and beauty in the moment. We have something for everyone, from chirpy creatures to blooming vines made in the softest cotton ever.

I met Sharon from Label Graph at a highly stressful day job in a pre-pandemic world. We instantly bonded over a similar taste in music. We’d discuss everything from fashion to art to music and all things fun. We’d speak in detail about her dream to one day start her own clothing label and mine to pursue art. As we eventually went on our individual journeys, this colleague-turned-friend seamlessly became a sounding board for all my creative ideas. I’ve closely seen Sharon build Label Graph from scratch and as I saw it grow, I felt like a proud aunt to her work-baby. We worked on various small-scale projects of all sorts, she pushed me to pursue modelling (Something I NEVER thought I could do in my wildest dreams.) One random evening, after way too much contemplation, I asked Sharon if we could do something with my prints and her clothing and she instantly said yes.

As a creative, there’s something so unique about the friends you make along your work journey. They’re unapologetically honest and critical yet extremely supportive of all your creative endeavours. This sisterhood fuelled by a mutual passion to create art of any form was something I never realised I needed till I found it.

LABEL GRAPH-4777.jpg
LABEL GRAPH-4740.jpg

This collection is a celebration of all things strangely beautiful and two shy kids trying to be unafraid for once while simply having fun at work. A LOT of fun. 


Six months of working on this collection was a complete roller coaster of emotions and so far, the most rewarding work experience.

LABEL GRAPH-4815.jpg
LABEL GRAPH-4439.jpg

I hope you enjoy consuming it as much as we enjoyed making it. Please visit Label Graph to view the whole collection.

Shoot Credits: 
Creative Direction and Styling: Sharon Manuel
Photography and Editing: Kalyani Ambike
Make-up and Hair: Mohini Dharne
Art Direction, in frame: Omisha Gandhi

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