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Graphic Design: Tech Healthcare Platform

Hike Medical is an innovative foot health company that focuses on developing custom insoles using artificial intelligence. In my role at Hike, I worked on four main areas: visual identity, visual design, graphic communication, and illustration.

The logo was inspired by deconstructing and abstracting simple shapes and textures found in the 3D-printed insoles. It also reflects the brand's positioning as an alternative, preventive health measure compared to pills. The visual identity of the brand incorporates grid structures along with a combination of curves that portray the contrast between structured, mesh-like printing and the organic curves of the foot.

The visual language used is a natural extension of the core concept. The main goal was to visually represent the intangible but crucial features that the product provides, such as effortless movement, exceptional comfort, strong support, and precise alignment. A key part of this effort was simplifying and visually demonstrating how the product effortlessly delivers these essential elements. Essentially, the crafted visual language acted as a visual story, effectively translating the transformative qualities of our product into an engaging and user-friendly form for our audience.

hike website graphics-01.jpg
hike website graphics-02.jpg
hike website graphics-03.jpg
hike website graphics.jpg

Concept art was carefully created to visualize a world enhanced by the influence of 'Hike Medical.' The goal was to depict a futuristic utopian world, where pain is eliminated and nature and advanced human technology coexist harmoniously. Three distinct artworks were created to envision this optimized world by Hike: a visionary representation of a futuristic factory floor, a leisurely recreational day, and a glimpse into the seamless production chain of Hike's innovative products. Each scenario was intricately designed to captivate the viewer's imagination and communicate the transformative impact of Hike Medical across various aspects of life.

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