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O Mind

O mind, derived from "Of the mind," is inspired by the incredible adaptability of the human mind and its ability to construct our perceived reality through the assimilation of information. It explores the ongoing process by which our minds absorb information from the external world, shaping our perceptions and making us inhabitants of our own cognitive landscapes.

The featured animation serves as an introductory theme song of a speculative episodic animation that follows the protagonist's journey as she finds herself inside her own mind.

By blending elements of science, philosophy, and art, O mind seeks to challenge perception, spark introspection, and encourage open-ended discussions about identity and consciousness in an approachable and lighthearted manner.

The aim of the process was to explore intuitive comic-making through a practice-led approach. A wide range of sequential artworks were created, focusing on the characters, the world, and the narrative. The animation is a result of these intuitively created journal-based drawings.

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