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Stay is a personal and introspective exploration of presence and mindfulness through my art practice. This experimental project is a multi-faceted journey that tells a story through various mediums, of fighting fears and overcoming challenges to find a sense of belonging and connection after moving to a new country. Through my art, I delve into the complexities of being present and learning to embrace vulnerability, as well as the power of creativity in helping us navigate change and uncertainty

Stage 1: I'm Afraid

 Intaglio Printing

I'm Afraid

Stage 2: I Escape

 Frame Animation

Stage 3: I See

Digital Artworks and Their Interaction With Physical Space: 

The objective was to explore the relationship between perspective and perception in image-making, both, on-screen and in actual space..

Stage 4: I Stay

3D art, creative video editing, sound design

The motive behind this artwork is to explore how the same reality can look different when viewed from a non-fearful state of mind. (With reference to stage 1) It delves into how a change in perspective can alter our perception of the world around us. By staying present and finding a sense of belonging in the moment, this artwork showcases how our experiences can be transformed.

Flower Person still.jpg

Other Explorations and Sketchbook Scribbles

I attempted to create various iterations of the same character in order to further develop the story described above.

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